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Duplication is used for short run orders of between 20 and 500 units. For volume orders of 500+ units, see Replication.

Duplication is the process of using a laser to burn data on to blank CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray media.


It is the best method for short runs, and we can provide this service for orders of between 10 and 500 units. The discs are burnt using stand alone duplicators. The original master disc is placed in to a disc reader, which then copies the data to each drive. The information is verified and compared to the original master, and any faulty copies are rejected. This ensures all duplicated discs are error free, and an exact copy of the original master disc.


CD discs hold up to 700mb of data, approximately 80 minutes of music in standard CD format.


DVD-5 is the standard type and  holds up up to 4.7 gigabytes of data.


For more information about acceptable file formats and options, click Support

Duplication is for orders up to 500 units.
Lazer Beam uses coated inkjet print to the disc surface.
Lazer Beam uses coated inkjet print to the disc surface.

Discs for short run duplication are printed using Coated Inkjet.

The print is applied directly to the white disc surface, at high resolution. The printed discs are then coated with a clear lacquer which is cured under UV light. This protects the print from fading and smudging, and adds a professional looking finish.


This print method is ideal for text and logo, and full colour designs.

It may not be suitable for designs that include large blocks of dark colour, in which case thermal transfer may be the best print option.


We offer a low price option for 'Text & Logo' designs which have minimal ink coverage and are mainly white. This is a popular option for promos.

Standard Burn Side


AAA Grade Cyan

For CD Duplication, there are a few brands available to suit preference.



These are a low cost option. The burn side is silver green.  Perfect for promos.



These discs are top AAA rated. They have a burn surface that looks the same  as Replicated discs and are popular choice for EPs and albums.



These discs are top AAA rated. Manufactured by JVC / Taiyo Yuden. They are the worlds best  CD-R. Popular for archiving purposes.

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