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The CD and DVD replication process.


Replication is for high volume orders of 500+ units. For quantities below 500, see Duplication.

Lazer Beam provides Screen, Litho, and coated ink jet print.

Screen Print:


Silk screen print is great for blocks of solid colour. Screen Print is usually 85 -100 lines per inch. It is the standard for grey scale, bright or metalic print.

Lazer Beam provides Screen, Litho, and coated ink jet print.

Off-Set Litho Print:


Litho print is the best quality for photographic type images. The print quality is 150 -175 lines per inch. It is great for graphic detail and small text.

Discs for volume replication are printed using Litho or Screen print. The discs start out with a silver surface and are printed using the best process for the design. Printed using up to 6 colours (CMYK or PANTONE). Call or email us for artwork advise.

Replication is the process of creating a glass master from the original data. The glass master is then  used to stamp the information onto blank discs. This is the best method for quantities of above 500 units. It takes longer to set up compared to duplication, but the replicated discs are produced much more quickly. At around 500 units it becomes more efficient, faster, and more cost effective to switch from duplication to replication.


CD discs hold up to 700mb of data, approximately 80 minutes of music in standard CD format. We can also provide mini 8cm CDs. Formats for CD include: CD audio, CD-I, CD-I Ready, CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, Mixed Mode, CD-Video, CD-Photo, CD-Extra, Multi Session.


DVD-5 discs hold up up to 4.7 gigabytes of data. We can also replicate dual layer DVD-9 (8.5 GB), double sided DVD-10 (9.4GB), and mini 8cm DVDs. Formats for DVD include: DVD video, DVD-ROM, DVD-Audio.

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