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The sections on this page will explain the order and payment process, artwork and data creation, and the other services available.

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How To Order. . .

1. Generating A Quote

Use the Instant Quote page to generate your quote. You may proceed to place your order, request a free sample, save the quote which will be valid for 30 days, or go back and select different options. The instant quote generator will supply a quote for our most common orders.


If you require something not listed or bespoke, contact us with your requirements and we will put your quote together manually.


2. Prepare Your Artwork and Data

Please follow Lazer Beam artwork specifications, templates and guides to make sure your files are in an acceptable format and resolution.


3. Send Your Artwork and Data

Most of the time the best method is to transfer files digitally. Use a free service such as Dropbox or WeTransfer, and send the download link to

If you prefer to deliver a hard copy, please email or call us to arrange this.

We will set up the artwork and email a proof for approval ( if required).

We are happy to send out a free sample for approval (when possible). You can choose to go ahead without the sample if it is simple art, or time is an issue. We can not be held responsible for any issues with colour matching etc, should you choose not to request a sample.


4. Payment

When your order is ready for production, we will invoice you. You can pay using: Bank Transfer, Paypal, Credit Card or Debit Card via Paypal online. Payment on collection may be arranged for some customers.

Schools, Collages, Universities, Corporates, local and national Government, can simply send an official purchase order to us. We will confirm the order, and send an invoice.


5. Delivery

Orders in the UK are shipped with an over night courier such as UPS or Interlink. Pallet deliveries take up to 3 days. Collection can be arranged from:

New Craven Gate, Leeds, LS11 5NF.

Artwork Preparation. . .

Artwork Specifications:

Please set up your artwork for print using the following rules:


- CMYK mode (not RGB).

- 300 dpi resolution.

- 3mm bleed added beyond the dimensions.

- Keep vital print such as text at least 3mm within the dimensions of the product.

- Convert all text layers to outlines.

- Remove all the guidelines and masks that were included on the template.

- DO NOT try to  crop a hole in the middle of discs.

- Flatten the layers, and save as a high quality PDF.

- Email files up to around 20MB, or larger files can be uploaded.



If you have any questions please ask and we can help.


If you are unfamiliar with setting artwork for print, here is a bit more information:


CMYK refers to Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key (which is black). These are the colours used for printing a 4 colour process, mixed to create all other colours. RGB refers to Red, Green, Blue which are the colours used to make all the colours on a computer screen. It is vital that your computer software is set to CMYK mode when designing for print. If the artwork is in RGB mode ( which should be used for artwork only to be displayed on a screen) it will be converted at the last stage to CMYK, and colours may change significantly.


Dpi refers to dots-per-inch. The amount of points in a specific area. The computer may default to 72 dpi for digital artwork which is too low for print. 300 dpi is generally considered the correct resolution for print. Any lower would result in low clarity, any higher and the file size becomes too large.


Bleed refers to artwork that extends over the line where it will be cut. It is vital to extend the background of the artwork at least 3mm beyond the cut line. The card and paper parts are guillotined as a stack, and the position of print will vary slightly from page to page. It would be impossible to cut every page exactly on the edge of the artwork. If no bleed is included it will result in some white edges when cut. If the background of your artwork is white, then you don't need a bleed.


Text as Outlines. The computer you use will use system fonts to create text. If you sent the artwork to us with text as fonts, there is no guarantee our computer will be able to load that same system font, especially if it is something unusual. To avoid this you must select the text and 'convert to outlines'. This does what it says, and text is converted to a shape rather than a system font.


Remove the guidelines. It is vital that you remove any guidelines and masks that were on the template, before you flatten the layers to a PDF. Anything you see on the flattened PDF will be printed. DO NOT try to  crop a hole in the middle of discs. Send it as a complete solid image and the printers will do the rest.


Artwork Templates & Specs. . .

Click 'PDF Template' to download. Open the template in your design software.

Please read Artwork Preperation to ensure your artwork is set up correctly before you start.

Disc Face

Digipak 4 Panel

Lancing Pack

CD Wallet

PDF Template


with Pocket

PDF Template

Lancing Pack

Double Skin

PDF Template

Double CD Wallet

with 3mm Spine

PDF Template

Lancing Pack

Double Skin with Spine

PDF Template

CD Jewel Tray

CD Cover

CD Booklet

DVD Wrap

Want To Upload Your Data To Us?. . .

Digital Upload of Data

We prefer to receive your data as a digital download. If you prefer to drop off a hard copy, let us know.

Email files up to 15mb. For large files, send us a link to your ftp site, such as WeTransfer or Dropbox.

CD Audio, CD ROM

- Audio tracks should be 16 bit, 44.1khz .WAV or .AIFF format.

- You may wish to send MP3. These will be converted to .WAV so please ensure they are high resolution.

- We accept individual .WAV files, DDP, .ISO and .IMG image files.



- We accept .ISO or .IMG image file.

- NRG file created by NERO.

- Cue/Bin files created by Toast


MD5 Verification:

It is best practice to send your files along with a generated MD5 checksum to guarantee no loss of data in transfer. You can download a free program such as . Both files (image and MD5) must be placed into the same folder, titled with the order name or number, and uploaded to us.

Creative Services. . .

You may not have the time,  know-how,  or software to complete a project. Don't panic, we can help:


Artwork Design:

- Disc & Packaging Artwork  Design

- Logo Design  &  Original Branding

- Flyer /  Poster Design and Printing

- Website Design and Development


DVD Authoring:

DVD authoring is the process of taking a video file and turning it into an interactive DVD, ready to be played on a DVD player or computer. We use the latest Adobe or Apple software to add chapters, animation, subtitles, soundtracks, etc to your original video file..

Need A Simple Text & Logo CD Design?


Let us do it quickly and save you the trouble. . .

We can use your supplied Logo and text, and set it up for print.

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